Are They Bruises Caused By An Underwire Bra?

A few years ago, I noticed bruises exactly where the cup ends and the band begins. They were merely smaller circular ones of about 1/2 centimeters. I actually got little bruises inbetween my boobies as well as these decided to go darkish! They did not necessarily hurt however were due to the underwire within my bra.
If you are not too large, try removing the wires from some of your bras, and see if that helps. Not your Favorite(s)! I found out that it is a bad idea to sleep in your bra. Although, sports bras can be used if you must wear a bra to bed. You may have the same problem.

This could be happening because the bra is too tight and it is rubbing at your skin. Don’t sleep with a bra on as it can be really bad for you.
I use a sports bra to sleep in they are soft and comfortable. Most people don’t know but an underwire is not thought to lead to breast cancer! Read about it here if interested. Some women say wearing an underwire doesn’t let your lymph nodes drain, and that can cause difficulties.
On the other hand, it could be that your bra is too small too. Try a slightly bigger size to see if that helps.

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